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Our blog will include information about school/student successes, homework/study tips, extracurricular activities, reminders and other educational related topics.

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In this first post, we are sharing information about the following:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Happenings
  • Student Voice
  • Eco School Updates
  • Guidance & Career Education
  • School Cash Online

Upcoming Events

November 6 &7 – Kindness Program
November 8th – Grade 8th Movie Trip
November 9 –  Remembrance Day assembly
November 13- Photo retake
November 14 – Grade 7 Immunization
November 15 – Parent/Teacher Interviews
November 16 – PA Day – Parent/Teacher Interviews
November  27- 7s – Visit Fort York


We recently had our annual Arts Day when the whole school visited different sites in Toronto.

Student Voice

Why School Trips are Important- by VH

School trips are something that almost every student looks forward to. They can teach, inspire, and provide students with an unforgettable experience. Here at Samuel, we are fortunate to go on many unique and different trips.

Usually, the main purpose of a school trip is to teach students new skills or give us knowledge. In grade 7 and 8, my class took a field trip to Forest Valley. Forest Valley provides a number of programs for schools that visit. For grade 7, the program was “Survival”. During my time there, I gained many new skills such as making a fire, building suitable shelters, finding clean water, and identifying edible food in the wild. In grade 8, the program we did focused more on the knowledge aspect. Our program was about the “Underground Railroad” where we learned about the hardships slaves had to live through. We re-enacted historical scenarios and performed many group activities to lengthen our knowledge about black slaves and the struggle of the Underground Railroad.

I believe it is important for students to learn things outside of school. It gets them more interested about the topic, especially when it’s hands-on and it teaches them in a way where everyone is contributing.

The more school trips I go on, the more I realize how much they motivate the hearts of students. Of course students are meant to learn new things on trips, but once in a while there will be an experience that sparks a fire in someone.  As kids, we are always thinking about our futures; we’re always wondering what we want to pursue in the future. It’s hard to think ahead when you have a lack of ideas, experience, and motivation. Some school trips can awaken a student’s mind and send them into a world of possibilities and hopes.

One day my class took a trip to a Retirement Residence. There, we met with elders who have already experienced most of the things that kids constantly wonder about. We asked them many questions about their life story. They shared many amazing and inspiring stories. I remember, the elder that my group interviewed, had done a lot of remarkable things. One of the things he did was help build a university in Africa. I noticed that as he was talking, he would often bring up the topic of human and society development. I could tell he was very passionate about fixing the corrupt things happening in the world. He even told us a story about how he was visiting Africa and almost got shot several times.

I was very moved by this man’s actions, and his insightful words put me deep in thought. I’m sure that anyone who hears his stories will find themselves sitting at the edge of their seats. This experience was truly motivating for me and I’m sure my group felt the same.

One of the best part about trips is making good memories.

One of my most memorable trips was when I went on a skating trip to Nathan Phillips Square. Most of my friends were quite new to skating; I think what made this trip so memorable is the fact that I was able to teach my friends some of the skating basics. What made it all the more fun was the laughter and the bonding that came out of it. I realized that my most distinct memories are the ones where I’m happiest. This is why students should learn to enjoy the moments they have with their class and friends. Not just with their peers but they should also learn to be happy whenever they can.

This is why school trips are great influences on students. Students should recognize that trips aren’t only a privilege, but also an opportunity to enjoy the small moments in life. I can wholeheartedly say that I am grateful to experience these rare opportunities here at Samuel Hearne.

Eco Schools Update

Eco schools

The Eco Club has been busy this year with a couple of important campaigns already!

Both of these initiatives are ones we want to continue all year-long.

One of the things we are focusing on even more this year is waste disposal and reduction. October 15 – 21 was Waste Reduction Week. Some of the ways we addressed watching our waste was our usual Waste Free Lunch campaign in the cafeteria. Students were encouraged to bring a waste free lunch to school. This meant no single use items, no recyclable items, and naturally, no garbage. Students who brought waste free lunches received ballots for a draw and we drew the names of two winners at October’s school assembly. In connection with Halloween, we decided another idea we could explore to reduce waste would be to make some Halloween decorations out of containers from the snack program. Students made skeletons and other creations with recyclable containers. This repurposes items, but it also shows that you don’t need to buy more plastic! Use what you have already!

The second big campaign that we worked on was Walktober. This was our effort to get students to walk to school for their health, their safety and of course, the environment. Students who walked to school on International Walk to School Day were recorded and received a sticker incentive. In addition, we collected names of parents who are interested in being part of a walking school bus. We hope these efforts start encouraging everyone to drive less, and walk more!

Guidance & Career Education

For up to date information about guidance and education visit the guidance link below.

Also please see attached

TVO Mathify One Pager

OnePagerAll Digital Products

The Mathify is for grade 7/8 students and the digital products outlines all of TVO’s products from grade 1-12.

We hope you enjoyed our very first blog post! We look forward to sharing more exciting Samuel Hearne news with you throughout the year!

School Cash Online

The Toronto District School Board’s School Cash Online became available to our school in October. This is an easy to use, safe, and convenient way for parents and guardians to pay for children’s school fees, including agendas, yearbooks, and class trips.

Please see the documents attached below for further information and instructions about School Cash Online.

School Cash OnlineSchool

Cash Online Instructions for Parents




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