Samuel Hearne’s Blog Update -November 16

Thank you for following our school blog. In this post we are sharing information about

  • Upcoming Events
  • Happenings
  • Guidance & Career Education


Upcoming Events

November 20 – Vision Screening for all Grade 5 & 7 students and students new to Canada

November 27- Grade 7s – Visit Fort York

December 7 PA Day- No School for Students

December 10-12- Kearney Trip- Grade 6D

December 12-14- Kearney Trip Grades 6A, 6B, 6C

December 18- Grade 6A & 6C – Science Centre

December 19- Grade 6B & 6D – Science Centre

December 20-  Winter Holiday Dance

December 24- January 4 2019- Christmas Break

January 7- School Resumes


Lest We Forget- Remembrance Day at Hearne

Remembrance Day


The Gift of Sight and Sound Program

The Gift of Sight and Sound Program is back to serve our school community with vision screening, vision follow up with the Optometrist and dispensing of free prescription glasses. As in the past, they will be  screening:

  • all Grades 5 and 7 students
  • other students from any class suspected of having vision problems, and
  • any students new to Canada within the last year

The vision clinic is scheduled for November 20, 2018.


The Kindness Program – “Values through Humane Education Program”

The ‘Values through Humane Education Program’ has been operating in elementary schools for the past 40+ years. We had the pleasure of hosting the program at Hearne earlier this month.

The Kindness Program teacher presents to each class an age-appropriate lesson addressing the following topics: kindness towards animals, people and the environment; responsibilities of pet ownership; safe practice around animals; environmental factors affecting animals in the wild; and encouraging children to develop empathy for all life.

Kindness Program


Health & Safety – Staying Well During Flu Season

Flu season is here again. In Canada, flu season tends to run between October and April. The Ontario government is encouraging Ontarians to avoid getting sick this flu season by getting their annual flu shot.

Toronto Public Health is recommending that whenever students and staff experience flu-like symptoms, they are sent home and do not return to school until they are no longer infectious to others. Therefore, ill students and staff should be symptom-free (especially from vomiting and diarrhea) for at least 48 hours before returning to school.

The primary concern is for the health and safety of all students and staff. Please note that no special measures are required when there is a case of influenza in a school or daycare. However, everyone should do their part to stop the spread of the flu. As parents, you can also assist by:

– reminding children to wash their hands often especially after using the washroom and before and after eating;

– reminding children to cover their sneeze and cough;

– watching for symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and/or high fever;

– informing the school if your child is ill;

– keeping your child at home when he/she is ill.

For more information, please visit the Toronto Public Health website, contact your family doctor, or Telehealth Ontario. 1-866-797-0000.

Winter is almost here!

Please ensure that your child is warmly dressed for the cold weather. Mittens, hats warm boots and coats are recommended to keep your child comfortable during the winter months.

Into Kids Health

At Samuel Hearne, we support the Into Kids Health Program where practising the tips are encouraged to promoted your child’s physical health and mental well-being. Remember these numbers to help your child:

  • get enough sleep
  • make healthy food and drink choices
  • be more active
  • limit the time they spend in front of screens

Toronto Public Health is a partner and support to our community.

TPH Community Partners

The program is fully outlined in the attached pamphlet.



Samuel Hearne is a proud resource for adult learning

CPR and First Aid Training for parents provided by Model Schools for Inner City and The Neighbourhood Organization.

CPR Training

Guidance & Career Education

For information about guidance and education visit the guidance link below


Grade 8 students and parents! 

Learn about going to high school at the TDSB in the document below “Beyond8” provided by our Elementary Itinerant Guidance Counsellor (EIC) Ms. Edwards.

Beyond8 Guidance Presentation

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