School News | Week of: 18/11/19

Samuel Hearne Middle School

School News | Week of: Monday, November 18, 2019

Hello Samuel Hearne MS Community,

This communication is being shared to provide you with School News from Samuel Hearne Middle School for the Week of Monday, November 18, 2019.

Important Dates & Upcoming Events:

Grade 7 Immunization – Monday, November 18, 2019:

  • On Monday, November 18, 2019, Immunizations for our Grade 7 Students will take place
  • Please direct any questions to our Main Office via telephone at (416) 396 6555

Grade 5 & Grade 7 Vision Clinic – Wednesday, November 20, 2019:

  • As a part of the TDSB’s Model Schools for Inner Cities Program, we will be hosting our annual Vision Clinic on Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • Students screened who are in need of glasses will be seen on a future date by Optometrists, where they will be fitted for glasses

School Council Meeting – Friday, November 22, 2019:

  • We invite our School Community to join our School Council Meeting being held as follows:
    • Date: Friday, November 22, 2019
    • Time: 1:00 PM
    • Location: Staff Room
    • Agenda:
      • School Improvement Plan Goals Overview
      • Positive School Climate Update: Bullying Prevention Plan
      • TDSB System Updates: Dress Code & School Forms Update
      • Meet our new our CSW!
    • Child Minding will be available 
    • Light Refreshments will be served

News You Can Use:

Parent/Teacher Interviews:

  • Thank you to those families who were able to attend our Parent/Teacher Interviews held on Thursday, November 14, 2019 and Friday, November 15, 2019
  • If you were unable to attend, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s) to arrange an interview date/time

Bullying Prevention Week:

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  • Providing safe, inclusive and positive spaces accepting of all Students is a priority in the TDSB
  • Our schools should be communities where all Students are respected, welcomed, nurtured, engaged and encouraged
  • From November 17, 2019 to November 23, 2019, we recognize Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week in the TDSB and remember the impact that bullying can have on a school community
  • Please click HERE to learn more

High School Open Houses:

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 7.42.42 AM

  • Our Grade 8 Families are encouraged to visit the High School Open Houses available to learn more about the various programs offered throughout the TDSB
  • Please consult with our Guidance Counsellor Ms. Edwards for more details and information
  • Please click HERE to learn more 

Lockdown & Fire Drills:

  • At the beginning of each school year, our Students and Staff prepare for the year ahead by establishing the foundations for a successful year
  • One of the ways we know we can help students be successful is to create a safe environment in which to learn
  • Though no one ever wants to see an emergency happen at a school, it’s important for school staff to be equipped to deal with those situations, should these occur
  • The safety of Students and Staff is a top priority at our school and to that end, as with all emergency drills, it is essential that we are prepared and understand the importance of procedures that will help ensure the safety of everyone in our school
  • The TDSB has taken steps to ensure your child’s safety while in School:
    • Each school has developed emergency preparedness plans that include steps Staff will take in the event of an emergency
    • How Staff will get Students away from possible dangers
    • How Students’ families will be contacted
  • One aspect of emergency preparedness is the lockdown and fire drill:
    • All Schools are required to conduct a minimum of two lockdown drills and six fire drills each School year
    • Lockdown drills, like fire drills, are an essential component to ensuring Student and Staff safety
    • It is important that all Staff and Students are prepared and know how to respond in cases of emergencies
    • The drills last approximately 5 minutes and ensure plans are effective and can also systematically identify any safety concerns
  • Communication is also very important in any emergency situation:
    • The emergency contact information kept on file is important in helping this happen
    • It lists the people who can pick up a Student from the School
    • If you have not yet provided this information to the office or have updates to the information on file, please make sure our Office Staff have that information as soon as possible

Late or Absent School Call Reminder:

  • One measure of keeping our Students safe is to ensure we can account for any absences or reasons for being late to school
  • We would like to remind you that if your child is going to be absent or late for any reason, we ask that you contact the School immediately and report the reason for the absence:
    • If we are not informed about the absence, we will make attempts to contact you through our automated call-out system to determine the reason for the absence
    • To find out how this automated system works please visit click HERE
  • Please let the Office know by calling the School if your contact information, including phone number, changes at any time throughout the school year
  • Thank you for your continued cooperation to keep your children safe and accounted for

Student Nutrition Program (SNP) Menu:

  • Please see below for our monthly Student Nutrition Program (SNP) Menu:
    Menu 2019-2020

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