School Community Check-In/Update

Good Evening Samuel Hearne MS Community,

As we look forward to the start of the 2020/2021 school year, our School Staff is excited about welcoming back our Students and Families!

We sincerely hope that our Students and Families are continuing to be safe and are well, as our School Staff continue preparations to ensure the health and safety of all Students and Staff upon the safe re-opening of our school.

Our School Staff we are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of all School Community Members, while we also plan to provide the best academic experience possible for our Students. We will continue to focus on the health and safety of our Students and Staff, as well as supporting Mental Health and Well-Being as we consider the needs of our Students, Families and Staff.

Through our School re-opening process, our School Staff continue work planning, considering important elements such as:

  • Preparation of our Facility:
    • We have put-up posters and applied sticker markings on our floors, walls and doors
  • Preparation of our Staff:
    • Our Staff will continue to engage in training related to appropriate Health, Safety and Well-Being protocols
  • Preparation of our Programs:
    • We are working to develop plans which support enhanced safety while Students learn and play in cohorts, such as by revising our school day schedule and timetables (more information will follow regarding this next week)

Please see the sections below for further information and details regarding the re-opening of our School and our return to In-School learning at Samuel Hearne MS. For those Students and Families who will take part in the TDSB Virtual School/Remote Learning, please visit the Elementary Virtual Learning section of the TDSB’s Elementary Returning To School webpage for further information:

TDSB Returning To School Video:

  • Please review the TDSB Returning To School video as a family, which shares information about important details and plans regarding TDSB School Re-Opening

Student/Staff/Visitor Screening & Daily Checklist:

  • This year, we have new health and safety measures in place to help keep Students and Staff safe from the spread of COVID-19
  • Everyone, including Families, plays a critical role in supporting health and safety in our School Community
  • As Students return to school, we will follow the Toronto Public Health screening protocoleach day as Students, Staff and Visitors enter the building (please note, more specific information regarding this will follow)
  • An important resource for Families to use each day is the TDSB’s Daily Checklist for Elementary School – we suggest reviewing this together as a Family

Mask & Face Covering Requirements For TDSB Students & Staff:

  • For the health and safety of our Students and Staff, masks or face coverings are required indoors on school property
  • Students are required to wear non-medical masks or face coverings indoors on school property and on school busses – Students may wear their own mask or face covering, or use a non-medical mask provided by our school
  • This decision is informed by, and consistent with, the City of Toronto requirement that anyone over the age of two wears a mask/face covering in indoor public spaces — with exemptions and accommodations
  • The requirement for all school board staff to wear medical masks follows the direction of the Ministry of Education
  • Parents/Guardians and Students should remember:
    • To pack multiple snug and comfortable masks/face coverings each day
    • That schools and busses will have extra masks on hand for those who forget
    • Remember to bring a breathable bag (paper or cloth) to store soiled masks, as well as a bag to store masks during outdoor breaks
    • That staff will ensure regular outdoor breaks throughout the school day to take a break from wearing masks/face coverings
    • Please visit the TDSB “Mask and Face Covering Requirements For TDSB Students and Staff” webpage for further information/details
Resources For Preparing For Returning To School:
  • Returning to School after so many months away may be a challenging and scary experience
  • To help all Students and Families be ready for September, the TDSB has put together some resources to help with the transition, which are suggested to review as a Family prior to the start of school
  • It may also be helpful to visit the TDSB’s Returning To School Question & Answers webpage

TDSB Parent/Guardian Update Letter:

  • Please be sure to see the latest letter to Parents/Guardians from the TDSB Director and Chair by clicking HERE, for more information related to the re-opening of TDSB Schools

Upcoming Information/Updates:

  • Next week, our School will share information regarding our:
    • Staggered School Start Dates
    • Classes/Cohorts
    • Revised School Day Schedule/Timetable
    • Student/Visitor Entry/Exit locations
  • We know our School Community has many questions – as we get closer to the start of the school year, we remain committed to updating you with new information as it becomes available
  • As we continue to develop our School Re-Opening Plans and have further information to share next week, we will do so via email and on our school website and we remind our School Community to continue to visit the TDSB website for the latest information
  • As always, please do not hesitate to contact our school directly via telephone at (416) 396 6555 with any questions/inquiries

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Stay Well & Take Care,
Mr. J. Romano, Principal & Ms. N. Blackwood-Fuller, Vice Principal

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