School Community Check-In/Update

Good Morning Samuel Hearne MS Community,

On behalf of the Staff of Samuel Hearne Middle School, we would like to thank our Students and Families for a productive third week of In-Person School!

During our third week of school, our Students worked through continued learning regarding our new Health and Safety protocols, in addition to continued classroom Teaching and Learning opportunities.

Many thanks are shared to our Parents/Guardians for your continued support and patience as we begin our academic year with many changes and new information. Together, with Parents/Guardians as Partners, we will continue to best support Students and our School Community.

Please see the sections below for our latest School Community Check-In/Update:

A. Overview:

  • We remind our School Community to review the information on our School Website, as well as to continue to visit the TDSB Website for further details, resources and information regarding our Return To School
  • As always, please do not hesitate to contact our school directly via telephone at (416) 396 6555 with any questions/inquiries

B. REMINDER – Daily Health Screening:

  • Please continue to ensure that Students bring their TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass duo-tang/folder to School each morning, after conducting their active Health Screening Self-Assessment together with Parents/Guardians each morning
  • Before coming to school each day, all Students and Staff must conduct an active Health Screening Self-Assessment
  • Based on directions that we have received from Toronto Public Health, there is an expectation that for the first 2 to 4 weeks of the 2020 – 2021 academic year, a verification of a self-assessment for each Student, Staff Member and Visitor is to be completed at school
  • Once Students and Staff arrive at school, Students enter through their designated doors where a Staff Member will verify each Student’s health screening information using the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass or TDSB Health Screening App:
    • Verifying each Student’s self-assessment can happen in two ways:
      • TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass:
        • A Parent/Guardian signs the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass daily and the Student shows it to School Staff at their Entry Door
        • The TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass will be printed and provided to Staff/Students and Visitors
      • TDSB Health Screening App:
        • A Parent/Guardian completes the assessment on the TDSB Health Screening App, which generates a QR code that a Student can scan at the Entry Door (if the Student has a mobile device)
        • Or, the Student can present their name to a screener who can verify their entry status

TDSB Student Health Pass(1)TDSB Student Health Pass(2)

  • If a Student does not have a verification to show a self-assessment was completed (the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass or TDSB Health Screening App QR Code) by Parent/Guardian, they will be asked if they are feeling well:
    • If the Student answers YES:
      • The Student will be allowed to go into the classroom with a mask/face covering while maintaining physical distancing
      • A Parent/Guardian will be contacted to conduct the full assessment by telephone (this is why it is critical that all Parents/Guardians complete the TDSB Health Pass and sign daily to avoid unnecessary telephone calls)
    • If the Student answers NO:
      • The Student will need to go to our Wellness Room (Health Room) with a mask/face covering while maintaining physical distancing
      • A Parent/Guardian will be contacted to come to the School to pick-up the Student
  • Please see the following documents/webpages for further information for Parents/Guardians and to discuss with your Child:

C. REMINDER – Students Who Exhibit Symptoms Of COVID-19:

  • For Students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or confirm that they have symptoms, will go to our Wellness Room (Health Room)
  • Parents/Guardians will be contacted and will need to come to the School to pick-up their Child

image005D. UPDATE – Mask & Face Covering Requirements For TDSB Students, Parents/Guardians & Staff:

  • In response to rising confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Toronto, as well as confirmed cases among TDSB Staff & Students, TDSB’s mask guidelines have been updated for the health & safety of our communities:
  • For the health and safety of our Students and Staff, masks or face coverings are required indoors on school property
  • Students are required to wear non-medical masks or face coverings indoors on school property and on school buses – Students may wear their own mask or face covering, or use a non-medical mask provided by our School
  • To help ensure safety when physical distancing isn’t possible, Parents/Guardians (as well as any other individual who may be dropping-off or picking-up a Student) are required to wear masks/face coverings outside on school property during pick-up and drop-off (as we know, our school yards/paved area can be crowded at pick-up and drop off-times):


  • Parents/Guardians are also reminded of our “Parent/Guardian Waiting Zone”, which is now marked by signage at Student drop-off and pick-up times
  • Parents/Guardians and Students should be reminded of the following related to Masks/Face Coverings, including informative videos which are valuable to review as a Family:


E. NEW – Asynchronous (Independent) Learning Activities:

  • Some of our Families have selected to not have their child attend school In-Person as they await TDSB Virtual School classes to begin online on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, or are awaiting a TDSB Virtual School Teacher to be assigned to their child’s class
  • In these cases, we would like to ensure that all Students receive access to TDSB Asynchronous (Independent) Learning Activities, which can be accessed at home each day by all Students
  • While Parents/Guardians can assist their child with these activities, they have been designed to build independence for Students
  • These learning experiences are connected to the Ontario curriculum, with a focus on Numeracy and Literacy
  • Please click/tap HERE/the image below for resources and learning activities organized by grade level that can be completed independently and at each child’s own pace:


  • Every Student in the TDSB Virtual School will be required to have a device – for those Students without access to a device, access will be arranged directly through Mr. Romano:
    • Please email Mr. Romano directly with Student Device Requests at:
    • Please contact our School Main Office via telephone at (416) 396 6555 with any questions

F. REMINDER – Class/Cohort Designated Zones:

  • In order to maintain appropriate physical distancing between Students and Cohort Groupings, our Lunch Hour has changed to now include 2 Lunch Breaks/time for Student Outdoor Play (1 per Cohort Grouping/Division): 
    • All Grade 5 & Grade 6 Students (Junior Cohort Grouping): 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    • All Grade 7 & Grade 8 Students (Intermediate Cohort Grouping): 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    • All Cohorts/Classes will remain in their designated Zones during both Lunch Breaks/Student Outdoor Play and during Recesses:
      • All Students have been reminded multiple times through both our AM and PM announcements that they are to stay in their designated Zones for the duration of their Recess and Lunch Breaks:

Samuel Hearne MS | Cohort Groupings Outdoor Space Bubbles-3Samuel Hearne MS | Cohort Groupings Outdoor Space Bubbles-4

  • Although the majority of our Students are following this new protocol (which has been designed to keep Students, Staff and our Families safe as designated Zones contain each Class/Cohort and limits interaction between Students/Classes), some Students still require frequent reminders to stay in their designated Zone and to not to move across other Zones:
    • If Students continue to disregard this important health and safety protocol, Parents/Guardians will be informed and alternative arrangements will have to be made for a particular Student’s Recess and Lunch Breaks:
      • If this continues to be an issue for some Students, Parents/Guardians are reminded that the TDSB Virtual School may be an option to consider, to ensure the health and safety of all in our School Community
    • Further, even while outside within their Class/Cohort at their designated Zone, Students are expected to continue to maintain Physical Distancing:
      • Although Students may choose not to wear a mask/face covering while outside, if Students are less than 2 metres apart/where Physical Distancing is not possible, Students are required to wear a mask/face covering – please discuss this important health and safety protocol with your Child


G. REMINDER – Lunch Breaks & Labelled Water Bottles:

  • Lunch Breaks:
    • All Students are highly encouraged to stay at School for lunch each day and not to leave the school to have lunch at home or to go out for lunch:
      • This request is being made to continue to ensure the Health and Safety of all as it avoids unnecessary Student movement and entry/exit from our School
      • Once Students arrive at School for the day, the expectation is that they are to remain at School until dismissal (unless a Student is ill and will need to be picked-up by a Parent/Guardian to go home)
    • Students will eat their lunch in their Classrooms, while supervised by their Teacher:
      • All Students are expected to pack a lunch that has as little litter as possible (a “Litterless Lunch”)
      • All items brought for lunch are to be returned home
  • Labelled Water Bottles:
    • Students are to bring Labelled Water Bottles to stay hydrated, filled from home
    • Students are not to drink from the water fountains
    • Students are able to use our Water Fill Stations (we have one on the 1st/Main Floor and one on the 2nd floor) to fill their Labelled Water Bottles
    • Students are reminded to have their Labelled Water Bottles with them during Recess and Lunch Breaks
  • At no time should Students share Water Bottles/drinks or food

H. REMINDER – School Forms & TDSB Online Forms:

  • School Forms:
    • Our School sent home School Forms for Parents/Guardians to complete which Students will submit to their Teachers
    • Students are asked to continue to return completed/signed forms to their Teacher in the provided envelopes – please do so as soon as possible
  • TDSB Online Forms:
    • TDSB Online Forms have been emailed to all Parents/Guardians with an email on file with our School between Monday, September 28, 2020 and Wednesday, September 30, 2020
    • These TDSB Online Forms are our usual “Start of Year Forms”, and are to be completed for all Students

I. REMINDER – School Textbooks/Library Books & Student Devices:

  • School Textbooks/Library Books:
    • If School Textbooks and/or Library Books remain at home from the 2019 – 2020 academic year, Students are asked to return these to our school as soon as possible
    • Please bag and label (with your Child’s Full Name) School Textbooks/Library Books and return these to our Main Office
  • Student Devices:
    • Some Students may have TDSB Student Devices (a Chromebook or an iPad) at home
    • At this time, Students are asked to keep these TDSB Student Devices at home, until further notice
    • If you have a TDSB Student Device which is damaged/not working, please contact our Main Office at (416) 396 6555 and have your Child bring the damaged/not working TDSB Student Device bagged/boxed and labelled (with your Child’s Full Name) to our Main Office

J. NEW – Terry Fox Walk:


  • On Friday, October 9, 2020, our School will be having our annual Terry Fox Walk, in support of the Terry Fox Foundation
  • Our Students will be walking a designated route within our School Community cohorted and physically distanced by class, supervised by School Staff

K. NEW – Virtual School Council Meetings – Dates/Times:

  • As discussed during our Virtual School Council Meeting on Thursday, October 1, 2020, Parents/Guardians are asked to please click/tap HERE ( to complete a survey indicating your date/time preferences fro our upcoming Virtual School Council Meetings:
    • Please complete this survey by 12:00 PM on Friday, October 9, 2020
  • Further, please click/tap HERE/the image below to see the information/slides shared with Parents/Guardians at our last Virtual School Council Meeting on Thursday, October 1, 2020:


L. REMINDER – Student Nutrition Program:

  • Our school has been selected by the Ministry of Children and Youth to participate in a healthy and nutritious mid-morning snack for our Students, which we call our “Student Nutrition Program”
  • Healthy food is essential for Students’ physical, emotional, social and intellectual development:
    • Children use up energy quickly and require frequent nourishment
    • The Toronto District School Board recognizes the direct relationship between healthy nutrition and Students’ academic achievement and fully supports nutrition programs for all Students
  • The food served as a part of our Student Nutrition Program is accessible to every child:
    • Our plan for this year is to offer a 3 Food Group Menu, with individually wrapped items pre-packaged for each participating Student
    • Students will receive various snacks (keeping in mind the dietary restrictions of our Students), with all food served meeting the requirements of the Canada Food Guide and Student Nutrition Programs Standards
  • The “Toronto Foundation for Student Success” and “PC Children’s Charity” has provided us with funding for our Student Nutrition Program:
    • Our plan for this year will be to offer our Student Nutrition Program to all Students, at no cost
  • Our Student Nutrition Program is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of Monday, October 5, 2020:
    • We have sent home our Student Nutrition Program Registration Form (with our School Forms Package last week)
    • Please complete one form for each Child and return it to the school
    • Parents/Guardians must sign and return the Student Nutrition Program Registration Form for your child to participate

​​​​M. NEW – School Community Resources:

  • Please see the School Community Resources shared below:


Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at (416) 396 6555.

Stay Well & Take Care,
Mr. J. Romano, Principal & Ms. N. Blackwood-Fuller, Vice Principal

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