Revised Daily Health Screening Guidelines

Good Evening Samuel Hearne MS Community,

We hope that all is well with you and your family.

This communication is being sent to share important revisions to our Daily Health Screening Guidelines – please see below for full details:

A. While our Daily Screening Verification Process (the process where Students show their completed “TDSB Student Health Pass” at the beginning of each day at our School) has not changed, the following Daily Health Screening materials have changed:


  • TDSB Student Health Pass:
    • Our School will be sending home/providing to Students in their Health Pass duo-tangs/folders the updated “TDSB Student Health Pass” (using a different colour of paper)
  • For families who use the TDSB Health Screening App, this has also been updated to reflect these changes

B. In addition to the information above, Toronto Public Health (TPH) has also updated the following “TPH COVID-19 Decision Tool For Schools”:

C. Based on the “TPH Screening Tool For Children/Students” and the “TPH COVID-19 Decision Tool For Schools”, Toronto Public Health has developed the following “TPH Back To School Confirmation Form”:

  • TPH Back To School Confirmation Form:
    • Parents/Guardians can complete the “Back to School Confirmation Form” to provide to our School to confirm your Child is safe to return to School
    • Toronto Public Health is not recommending or requiring medical notes for return to School

D. As noted above, our Daily Screening Verification Process will continue as follows/previously shared:

  • Please continue to ensure that Students bring their TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass duo-tang/folder to School each morning, after conducting their active Health Screening Self-Assessment together with Parents/Guardians each morning
  • Before coming to school each day, all Students and Staff must conduct an active Health Screening Self-Assessment
  • Once Students and Staff arrive at school, Students enter through their designated doors where a Staff Member will verify each Student’s health screening information using the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass or TDSB Health Screening App:
    • Verifying each Student’s self-assessment can happen in two ways:
      • TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass:
        • A Parent/Guardian signs the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass daily and the Student shows it to School Staff at their Entry Door
        • The TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass will be printed and provided to Staff/Students and Visitors
      • TDSB Health Screening App:
        • A Parent/Guardian completes the assessment on the TDSB Health Screening App, which generates a QR code that a Student can scan at the Entry Door (if the Student has a mobile device)
        • Or, the Student can present their name to a screener who can verify their entry status
  • If a Student does not have a verification to show a self-assessment was completed (the TDSB Health Screening Paper Pass or TDSB Health Screening App QR Code) by Parent/Guardian, they will be asked if they are feeling well:
    • If the Student answers YES:
      • The Student will be allowed to go into the classroom with a mask/face covering while maintaining physical distancing
      • A Parent/Guardian will be contacted to conduct the full assessment by telephone (this is why it is critical that all Parents/Guardians complete the TDSB Health Pass and sign daily to avoid unnecessary telephone calls)
    • If the Student answers NO:
      • The Student will need to go to our Wellness Room (Health Room) with a mask/face covering while maintaining physical distancing
      • A Parent/Guardian will be contacted to come to the School to pick-up the Student

E. Please see the following links/webpages for further information for Parents/Guardians and to discuss with your Child:

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our school at (416) 396 6555.

Stay Well & Take Care,
Mr. J. Romano, Principal & Ms. N. Blackwood-Fuller, Vice Principal

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