School Community Check-In/Update

Good Morning Samuel Hearne MS Community,

On behalf of the Staff of Samuel Hearne Middle School, we would like to thank our Students and Families for your ongoing understanding and support as we continue to work together to ensure the health and safety of all in our School Community.

As our Students moved forward in their learning this week, we continued to see their resilience and hard work. We understand that this week was challenging as we experienced the impact of a positive COVID-19 case at our school.

Many thanks are shared to our Parents/Guardians for your support and patience as our School Staff work toward the continued support of Student well-being, health, safety and learning. Together, with Parents/Guardians as Partners, we will continue to best support Students and our School Community.

Please see the sections below for our latest School Community Check-In/Update:

A. Overview:

  • We remind our School Community to review the information on our School Website, as well as to continue to visit the TDSB Website for further details, resources and information regarding our Return To School
  • As always, please do not hesitate to contact our school directly via telephone at (416) 396 6555 with any questions/inquiries

B. UPDATE – Important COVID-19 Case Information:

  • As previously shared with our School Community on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, there has been a case of COVID-19 identified in a Grade 8 Student at Samuel Hearne Middle School
  • As we learned of this case, our School has worked closely with Toronto Public Health (TPH), which last saw the Student in the School on Friday, October 16, 2020, with this Student not returning to the School until cleared by Toronto Public Health to do so
  • As result of this case, a Grade 8 class has been asked by Toronto Public Health to self-isolate, and will be able to return to School as of Monday, November 2, 2020
  • As previously shared with our School Community on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, please click/tap below to access the Follow-Up Letters sent:
  • While enhanced cleaning is conducted every day, we have made sure to conduct an enhanced cleaning in all affected areas of our School
  • As per our procedures, Staff and Students are required to wear masks while at School and to practice physical distancing, as well as proper hand hygiene (proper hand washing and use of hand sanitizer)
  • Toronto Public Health is monitoring the situation and, as always, will let us know if further precautions, actions or communications are required
  • The health, safety and well-being of Staff and Students is our top priority:
    • Should you have any questions, please contact the school, visit the TDSB website or visit the TPH website for general information
    • For general questions, please call the TPH COVID-19 Hotline at (416) 338 7600, Monday – Sunday from 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM, to speak with an agent
    • If you need immediate assistance, please call Telehealth Ontario 24 hours a day at 1-866-797-0000
  • Please click/tap HERE to learn more about the actions and precautions being taken at Samuel Hearne MS to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Please click/tap HERE to review information previously shared regarding our Revised Daily Health Screening Guidelines
  • Please click/tap HERE to review information previously shared regarding TDSB Mask & Face Covering Requirements for TDSB Students & Staff:


C. REMINDER – Students Who Exhibit Symptoms Of COVID-19:

  • For Students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or confirm that they have symptoms, will go to our Wellness Room (Health Room)
  • Parents/Guardians will be contacted and will need to come to the School to pick-up their Child


D. NEW – Student Halloween Costumes:

  • Students will be permitted to wear Halloween costumes during the day on Friday, October 30, 2020
  • Regular Masks/Face Coverings (regularly used as a part of our health and safety measures) must still be worn and are not to be replaced with Costume Masks:
    • For safety reasons, Students are not to wear a Costume Mask with their costume, nor are Students to accessorize their costume with any accessory which depicts a weapon of any kind
    • Students should not wear a costume mask on top of their Regular Masks/Face Coverings
    • Because Students are wearing a Regular Masks/Face Covering, it is recommended that Students not wear make-up from below the eyes to ensure their Regular Masks/Face Coverings are not dirtied
    • Students can consider wearing colourful face coverings as part of their costume
    • Students are not permitted to bring candy to school for sharing with others

E. NEW – School Council Virtual Meeting:

  • Parents/Guardians are invited to join our upcoming School Council Virtual Meeting
  • Please see the flyer below for full details:

Samuel Hearne MS - School Council Virtual Meeting Flyer

F. REMINDER – Elementary Switching Update:

  • As you know, the TDSB began the school year with several dates when Parents/Guardians could request to switch their children between In-Person Learning and the TDSB Virtual School
  • When these transitions happen, there is a need for both Students and Teachers to move between the two learning environments to maintain class sizes both In-Person and Virtually
  • The TDSB has adjusted the schedule to request a switch between the two learning models (In-Person and Virtual)
  • The next opportunity for Elementary Students will be offered at the end of January 2021
  • There will no longer be an opportunity for Elementary Students to switch in November
  • This approach will help maintain current classes and Teacher assignments in both In-Person and Virtual Classrooms until the new year and will benefit all Students and Staff by ensuring no further disruptions
  • We understand that unique circumstances will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis and the TDSB will share information about this next week
  • Please click/tap HERE to read the latest letter to Parents/Guardians from the TDSB, regarding this Elementary Switching Update

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at (416) 396 6555.

Stay Well & Take Care,
Mr. J. Romano, Principal & Ms. N. Blackwood-Fuller, Vice Principal

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